New Double Deck Loading Systems

New Double Deck Loading Systems

Utility introduces a new option for dry vans

Utility showcased their 4000D-X Composite® dry van with an optional double decking system at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show.

Utility_DoubleDeckThe K2 Kaptive Beam® System, manufactured by Kinedyne® Corporation, is a versatile captive beam decking system capable of being configured to optimize trailer cubic capacity by using the full floor-to-ceiling height of the trailer or to safely transport fragile cargo in the same load.

The system consists of vertical tracks recessed on either side of the side posts on both inside walls. A movable, spring-loaded, wall-to-wall beam attaches to slots inside the vertical tracks to create a “second deck”. The aluminum alloy tracks and steel beam are designed to be high strength, yet light-weight, supporting up to 500 lbs per linear foot and allowing up to 26,000 lbs. of payload on the second deck of a 53’ van.

The height of the beams can be altered using adjustment poles to release the spring-loaded mechanism in the beam from its slot in the vertical track. The beams are ‘captive’ to the vertical tracks, preventing theft of the beams and can also be used as shoring devices. When not in use, the beams may be stored out of the way at ceiling level.



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